Wizkid’s impact spans years and stretches for miles. Both historically and contemporarily, Wizkid is one of Nigeria’s biggest artists, a status which barely changes should we include the other 53 countries in our great continent, Africa. From young children donning pirated Starboy merch, to adults ready to war for their hero, Wizkid has touched millions; his story has several aspects of greatness, celebrated by many different people in many different ways. 


Around the world, fans, colleagues and friends are bursting to testify of the Starboy effect and how it has affected them in their lives; for WizMag, members of our community do just that. Starboy’s greatness comes in multiple shapes and sizes; for WizMag we break down each one.





Ten years ago I started my journey, from my home in Ojuelegba, to realise my ambition of becoming a global superstar. In the years since, I am blessed to say I have succeeded, and honoured that I did not do it alone. From the producers who have always understood me and brought to life my vision, to the artists with whom I collaborate and build with; from my management team who work behind the scenes, and my three children, who this legacy is all for. 


I also could not have done it without my fans — the FC who have been here since “Holla At Your Boy”, supporting and loving me, and the fans who may have heard about me after, but have been riding for me ever since. With this Special Edition WizMag, I hope to give you guys all the love back. As you have inspired me to keep pushing, despite the trials I have faced, despite the hardship we have all had to endure, I hope that this issue inspires you to strive for your dreams, to never give up; because we are all Made In Lagos, and to be Made in Lagos, the greatest city in the world, is to be destined for greatness.


Love you all,