Teni returns with sparkling two-pack single, ‘Little & Legendary’

Two scintillating hits for your summer rotation

2018 was a sweltering stint for Teni, a sparkling year that cemented her as one of the most prolific and beloved musicians from this part of the world. She flagged off the year with “Askamaya”, a swanky party anthem that elevated her to public renown. Then, she doubled down with “Case”, a soulful romantic ballad that shattered all bounds and transfixed her standing as one of the most exciting voices on the Afropop landscape. Finally, she closed the year with one of the grandest anthems of that year, “Uyo Meyo,” a powerful ballad that snowballed into a rallying cry for a nation bereft of hope.


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She hasn’t had quite the mammoth run since, but four years later she’s an undeniably reliable voice in Nigerian music. Now she’s back with a glistening two-pack EP, Little & Legendary. The project is her first solo release since the release of her majestic debut album, Wondaland, which dropped last year.

Much more than bright summer anthems, Teni’s music are pulsing melodic discourses that see her grappling with the most daunting quagmires of the human psyche. She traverses a far-reaching gamut of themes, from love to hope, and fine-tunes these intimidating topics into lurid Pop anthems.

On Little and Legendary, she’s still toeing this arc. On “Little,” over minimal percussion and shimmering guitar riffs, she pulls apart the conundrum of dealing with a love interest who is hesitant to reciprocate the emotion of love, and enjoins them to live in the moment. “Legendary” sees her surf an ethereal production as she delivers a paean to her greatness. After a brief hiatus, Teni is finally back with two scintillating hits for your summer rotation.

Listen to the two-pack single here.