Vict0ny is back and better with new single, ‘Dark Times’

The singer is turning his dark times into melodies

Vict0ny is fascinating. Since he broke out last year, he’s given us the pleasure of experiencing his multi-faceted skills and just how well he can explore various genres and themes outside what’s considered mainstream afropop. Only a few months ago, however,  the singer faced a tumultuous time following an accident that has left him in a wheelchair. The singer got an outpouring of love all across social media, as we all prayed for his speedy recovery, which he shows gratitude for with the cover art for his latest release, “Dark Times”.


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On the 2-pack release’s cover art, we see an animated Vict0ny in a wheelchair, reading an abundance of messages from Twitter fans saying praying for Vict0ny. Now, he’s back, and he’s even better with a new double release titled, “Dark Times”, which express how he’s been feeling since we last heard from him.

The tracks titled “Pray” and “Unfamiliar Realms” take the emotional and melodic route, and still manage to showcase Vict0ny’s dexterous ability. “Pray” starts with a memorable hook layered over a catchy beat, which juxtaposes the pensive lyrics where Victony shares how his mother’s prayers saved his life and protected him from the hands of the wicked.

In the outro, we hear his mother encouraging him to be strong and family and friends sending love and reminding him that he is always in their prayers. On this track, Vict0ny takes us on a journey through his recovery, showing that there’s always victory on the other side.The second track, “Unfamiliar Realms” embodies a more mellow sound, fitting for the message where Vict0ny assisted by Tredax cry for help as they are unsure of themselves. “Dark Times” feels like just what we needed from Vict0ny to ease us in to his next phase.

Listen to Dark Times here.