See Teni The Entertainer in “Askamaya” video

And yes, it's a video for another slang you already know is dodgy

Teni’s latest “Askamaya”, is another tribute to Lagos, that pays homage to the electric Afrojuju of Shina Peters, who Teni casually shouts-out on her new track. The singer has edged into public consciousness with a style that mostly comprises using  Yoruba-infused slangs as buzzwords, starting with her debut single “Fargin”.

The origin of the word ‘Askamaya’ itself is unknown, but fuji singers like Adewale Ayuba have been known to use it as a flirtatious but affectionate term to refer to sex workers in Allen Avenue, a famous Lagos strip of bars, restaurants and strip clubs, often open till wee hours of the morning.  In the Paul Gambit directed video for the single, Teni sings mainly on a mustard yellow background with which dancers and models posing in front of a Keke Napep. Teni hops from yellow to black backgrounds, closing the video at a club like a true Lagosian.

Watch Teni The Entertainer’s “Askamaya” here: