Benie Macaulay’s features DJ Yin for new single, “Shashe”

Afro-House is finally getting the facetime it deserves at Nigerian clubs

Though Benie Macaulay’s new single gets its name from popular street-hop slang, “Shashe”, it shows the diversity in popular Nigerian music with the vocal performance from the Afro-house singer, DJ Yin.

On previous singles like “What You Started” and “Good Loving”, DJ Yin’s take on Afro-house explored the genre beyond its mere dancehall fascinations to express her romantic feelings. But for Benie Macaulay’s “Shashe” she sings “Me I Just Dey Here Dancing/ No Time For No Romancing” over the catchy beat. DJ Yin has been peaking at a new level of expertise with every new vocal performance. “Shashe” is her latest embodiment of how an artists can mature tangentially within their comfort sound.

Listen to Benie Macaulay’s “Shashe” featuring DJ Yin below;

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/beniemacaulay

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