Iyanya’s “Hold on” is an advice to women looking for perfect Men

Even if a man is digitally built, they’ll still end up being a scum

“why struggle with love when you can create your dream partner at buildYourPartner.com”

The above is a message written on the door-mail poster delivered to the central female persona in Iyanya’s “Hold On” video.

In what plays out like an episode of the satirical Anthological series, “Black Mirror”, Iyanya and Ogo Okpue , the director of his new single “Hold On”, convince us with a narrative that taps into the collective unease about the modern world and unanticipated consequences of new technologies. “Hold On” sets the scene of a near future, fast forward to June 2025, where the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) comes to play.


The video tells the story of a young woman (Sara) who is miffed at her boyfriend for his cheating habits, they are having a typical couple’s fight when in that moment, they split. As she mourns him with her house-mate/friend (Esther) — who’s one in the other females her ex presumably cheated on her with too — soon a mail/poster is delivered to her doorstep. Obiter Dictum: There should be no such thing in 2025 anyway, I mean, common if we can get a digitally built man, why can’t we get messages digitally appearing in the air?

Seeing the poster and thinking about the riff-raff of a boyfriend she dated, she orders for her “perfect lover”, her “Ideal” man. And this is when Iyanya’s music finally! begins. Baby girl’s digitally built boyfriend (Cyborg) is delivered, she activates it and their supposed-to-be-perfect relationship begins. Not until the human robot deems it worthy to cheat on her with her friend, Esther. Sara of course gets angry and likewise, she breaks up with Cyborg by deactivating the damned machine of a heart-breaker.

It’s underlining point, if you deign to say, is that even if a man is digitally built, they’ll still end up being a scum. So in Iyanya’s words, “just take it one step at a time…hold onnn”. All couples argue, but it’s the way they argue that determines if their relationship will go the distance.

Though fans may not be at ease with the 2 minutes 45 seconds of movie screening prior to the beginning time of the actual song, why watch a music video with no solid narrative when you could just go on and stream the songs audio? “Hold On” is absolutely worth the watch, grab your popcorn if you may. The Project Fame alumnus seems to be settling in just fine at his creative head quarters and new management, Mavin Dynasty.

Watch Iyanya’s “Hold On”, off his Signature Ep below.

Feature Image Credit: Youtube/Iyanya Hold On

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