Listen To “These Days”, Derin Falana’s latest ‘Audio Journal’ update

Another addition to an audio long-form project

As Told By Fisayo Okare

The lyrics in well written songs usually carry a personal message and while other artists don’t point that out, Derin Falana’s Audio Journal project emphasizes the image of music being a way to record experiences. Confessional journaling is no new phenomenon unless you are completely alien to creative circles. But it’s a smart decision to keep an audio Journal as an artist whose music is influenced by these experiences and perceptions. And trust, Derin’s decision to form his written Journal is ingenious enough to help him build his music career and fan base, who will follow his life’s journey with him.

In line with the personal style Derin’s compilation, Audio Journal is going to take, “These Days” plays out a narrative of the present events in his life, as alluded to by the single’s title. Over the subtle vocoder work, repeated bass, rubbery drums and g-funk style synth lines of the track, Derin raps introspectively about ‘Laryngitis’, ‘women’, ‘music’, ‘getting paid’ and other minutae of his life.

Derin shows just how versatile he is as performer, switching between rapping and singing as Jahmal Gittens well synthesized production goes where Falana needs it to.

“These Days” is released in addition to his two other singles on the Audio Journal compilation, “Live From Hollowgrove” and “cruising”, on his sound cloud.

Enjoy “These Days” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/derinfalana

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