Oxlade signs recording deal with Columbia Records

With help from Epic Records France & Sony Music

Anyone who heard the gliding falsetto on the instantly memorable hook of Blaqbonez’s “Mamiwota” knew the voice behind it was almost guaranteed stardom. Over three years later, Oxlade is manifesting that potential in style. The singer hasn’t coasted on the unique power of his voice as much as he has formed into a potent weapon, capable of wringing out every ounce of emotion in his lyrics and carrying melodies so vibrant they are often unforgettable.

Just before the pandemic consumed our existence, Oxlade released his debut EP, ‘OXYGENE’, a wondrous showcase of his chops as a budding pop music savant. The EP featured his biggest song yet, “Away,” a runaway smash that would have been much, much bigger if not for the strict confining effect of Covid-19’s early days. That hasn’t derailed the singer’s momentum. In the time since, Oxlade has consolidated his status as a star, from follow-up hit song “Ojuju,” to standout guest appearances like the one on Basketmouth’s “Myself,” and even a scandal fitting for a popular figure.

Going forward, that level of prominence is going to receive a massive jolt of investment via a newly announced recording deal with Columbia records. The news was announced in a video montage shared through Oxlade’s social media accounts, as well as that of Columbia records. According to the tag in the announcement posts, Oxlade will receive label attention and support from the France-based arm of Epic Records, a label founded by Columbia, which was in turn founded by Sony Music, one of the big three major labels.


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While the logistics of the deal might seem complex, it looks like a situation primed to amplify Oxlade’s talent to as many parts of the world as possible. Epic Records is best known for furthering the careers of superstars like Future, 21 Savage, DJ Khaled, Camilla Cabello and more, and even though Oxlade will be mostly interfacing with the French side of the label, the affiliation could do wonders for any stateside ambitions. The UK arm of Columbia Records will also service Oxlade’s recording deal, while Sony Music’s global division will provide support across other parts of the world.

Of course, with the excitement and potential magnitude of this deal, all parties are excited to set the ball rolling. The announcement sets the stage for the next Oxlade single, “Want You,” set for release over a week from now. It’s a new chapter for the Lagos-raised artist, as he continues his journey from attention-grabbing feature artist to pop superstardom.