Whoisakin Returns With New Two-song Pack, ‘After The Full Moon, Before The Blues’

A solid comeback by the artist

When the world was at a halt at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, WhoisAkin held listeners down with the release of his debut EP, ‘Full Moon Weekends’, a 6-tracker cycling through the complex ups and downs of love and romantic infatuation. The tape garnered the attention of many, including industry heavyweights such as Mr Eazi, landing him a recording deal with one of the most prestigious record labels in Africa, emPawa Music. 


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Following the same route as some artists who brand themselves with masks, artists such as Lagbaja, MidasTheJagaban and more, Whoisakin appeared to listeners in a completely distinct manner, he appeared in an animated hybrid of a wolf and a man as a representation of himself. After taking a 2-year hiatus from releasing any projects, Whoisakin has arrived with his new 2-single pack, ‘After The Full Moon, Before The Blues’, as he switches up his appearance some more as he appears to listeners in a biker’s helmet. In a recent tweet he shared a day ago, he stated: 

Been 2 years since my last project! & this is where I’m at rn. 

-A transition project between my last “FMW” & my next body of work.

– from the “WOLF” to the “BIKER”

‘After The Full Moon, Before The Blues’ is a thematic representation of where the artist is at in his career right now, a midpoint between where he left off and what’s next for him. The single features the records, “Superman” and “Do,” both of which sees the artist combining elements of R&B with Nigerian pop as he sings satisfying lyrics to his love interest. On “Superman,” he chants lyrics such as “Girl we can work it out, do it to me, make me believe that you want it as much as I do/Girl I swear anytime you need my love, I’ll be your superman, I’ll be your saviour your superman”,  convincing his muse that they’re deserving of each other. On the second track “Do”, the artist delivers a heartbreak tune, over the euphonious production of the BMH-produced track. On the pre-hook of the track, he quips “What have you done to me, why you wanna leave when you promised eternity?/The kind of pain you give me, me I never see”, giving listeners a feel of what his next project is going to sound like.

Listen to ‘After The Full Moon, Before The Blues’ here.