Psycho YP puts on a flexing clinic on “Woah”

Over an infectious beat by Jaylon & ILLYTHAGREAT

On every other week, Abuja-based rapper Psycho YP seemingly has new material out, anything from singles, to features and even group music videos. But instead of causing a feeling of unnecessary inundation, his unrelenting work ethic plays to his advantage, highlighting the myriad of ways his skillset comes across as both well-worn and inventive. Prior to dropping the music video for his Zanku adherent bop, “Be Like You”, he recently combined with producers Jaylon and ILLYTHAGREAT for new joint single, “Whoa”.

On “Whoa”, YP puts on a flexing clinic, complete with unabashed boasts and hedonistic quips. While the song’s form and content is very far from novel in YP’s packed catalogue, it is underscored by his delightful ability to spin plain, braggy one-liners into catchy punchlines. “Niggas say I’m way too young for this rap shit/funny how we know how you niggas chat shit”, he raps with a commanding swag, over the serpentine glockenspiel riff, explosive bass guitar and groovy, reverbed drum synths Jaylon and ILLY put together.

Listen to Jaylon, Psycho YP & ILLYTHAGREAT’s “Whoa” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/psychoyp

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