Magnom’s “Economy” has more substance than a disposable pop hit

Featuring Nshorna Muzik to speak on some serious issues

Because most artists recognize the potency of an Afropop drum riff on the dancefloor, we don’t often get Afropop songs whose themes venture outside the four walls of a club. But after hearing Wizkid’s “Ojuelgba” and the more recent “Ye”, off Burna Boy’s ‘Outside’ album, the love for the club isn’t excuse enough as both songs have become classics for subsequent Afropop songs to aspire to. And “Economy”, Magnom’s latest single, has all the markings of a classic; an incredibly catchy baseline, practical songwriting and a subject matter that’s relevant everywhere in the world.

Singing “Media No Know/ Everywhere, no Doe/ Mr DJ, You Dey Kill The Game/ So How We Go Maintain?/ How Una Destiny go Change?”, Magnom’s lyrics conjure up feelings of sadness. But set to a backdrop of bright video-game inspired synth harmonies, the song fits neatly into DJ sets at the function. Though Nshorna Muzik contributes a verse of his own, geared towards the club friendly show offs, it’s the honest reflective quality of Magnom’s lyrics that gives “Economy” more substance than a disposable pop hit.

You can listen to Magnom and Nshorna Muzik on “Economy” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/magnombeats
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