Hear Eku Fantasy’s “Living On The Outside” off their upcoming debut EP “EF1 “

Made in South Africa

Eku Fantasy is a cross-continental project by the duo of Olugbenga Adelekan, who is the bass player for UK based band, Metronomy, and South Africa-based Gareth Jones (known as producer Jumping Back Slash). The two met via social media and worked on one song together from their respective hometowns, communicating via social media and email. Their first release under the project was a remix of “We Got The Power” by Gorillaz. With Olugbenga’s distinct voice, and Jumping Back Slash’s production, the group’s version produces an almost unidentifiable version of the original song.

The duo met in the small town of Knysna on South Africa’s Garden Route to expand what was to be a one-time collaboration into an EP titled EF1. They announced this extension with the release of the first single “Living On The Outside” along with an experimental sci-fi themed music video featuring Olugbenga in a white background, missing his pupils.


“Living On The Outside” conveys the struggles that come with life as an outsider in a foreign country. Something both artists have experienced—Olugbenga from Nigeria to the UK, and Gareth from the UK to South Africa. “Where is your accent from” Olugbenga sings, over the enigmatic piano sounds produced by Gareth. Depicting questions usually asked of foreigners, “I learned the language, I passed the test”, he sings of people trying to fit in. “But I’m still living on the outside”, he carries on, illustrating that it is almost impossible to feel rooted in a place that is not your own.

Listen to Eku Fantasy’s “Living On The Outside” here:

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/oluolugbenga

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