Songs Of The Day: New Music From Focalistic, King Perryy, Merry-Lynn & More

Update your playlists with notable new releases from the weekend

2022 is no longer a new year, and Afropop knows that very well. As much as the previous year was packed with scene-defining achievements, especially within the context of global growth, the only way to keep the momentum from falling off is for artists to keep reaching into their bag for great music that holds the ears and captures the hearts of millions of listeners across the continent and well beyond. That’s exactly what’s been happening, so much so that there’s hundreds of new singles, at-least one new must-hear album and a new smash hit every week.

Amidst this torrent of new music, the NATIVE is committed to highlighting the best releases you need to hear, and possibly add to your playlists. That’s the essence of our ‘Songs of the Day’ column. In the middle of last week, we highlighted new releases from Zlatan, Icytooicy, Maya Amolo and more. Taking account new drops from the weekend, today’s selection includes releases from Focalistic, King Perryy, Merry-Lynn, Yemi Alade and more.

FOCALISTIC — “Sjepa” (feat. MJ, Mellow & Sleazy)

South African Amapiano rap champion teams up with frequent collaborators and star producer duo, Mellow & Sleazy, for his latest single, “Sjepa.” This star-studded offering sees the artistes fuse quintessential South African House Music and 80s-esque disco sonics. On the song, they take turns scooting the thumping infectious beat. While they all hold up their ends with electric verses, the pulsating production is the song’s centrepiece. Thumping, flickering and billowing, the bounce of the song is incredibly stirring and makes you want to hop on the groove and let loose. 

KING PERRYY — “Go German” (feat. Bella Shmurda & Backroad Gee)

Over the past few years, drill has evolved from being a backyard sonic sandbox of the UK rap scene into a sprawling global movement, and this shimmering offering is another testament to its burgeoning presence in Nigeria. On the song, the blistering triumvirate — Afropop stars King Perry and Bella Shmurda, and UK rapper Backroad Gee — combine over a boisterous drill beat. Over the poignant beat they sing and rap about youthful ebullience with lyrics like “Say we could drink get drunk it’s lit as f*ck. Go German”, inspiring the vim that comes with living a life without inhibitions. 

MERRY-LYNN — “London Bridge”

“London Bridge” is a stirring RnB ballad upholstered by the signature percussion of 808s Hip-Hop. In the track, Merry-Lynn caresses the salacious production with her graciously sultry vocals. Joining the long list of artistes who have tapped the London Bridge as an anchor point for their art, she sings “London Bridge is falling down…, come out here and take my hand, so we can go down”. Using brilliant literary devices to fuel her narrative, she explores the age-old theme of feeling forlorn in a relationship and wanting more. 

KIIENKA — “Men Ah Scum”

On his latest release, Kiienka continues traversing his quintessential arc, suavely layering his breezy amorphous vocals over a chill bouncy instrumental. In this song, he panders to probably one of the most riveting and engaging topics that has dominated social media over the past couple of years — the subject of men being “scum”. Over the hook, he weaves in and out of meaningful singing and playful vocalization, cleverly juxtaposing the prevailing societal notion that “men are scum” with the reality of how blissful his relationship with his muse is.

DJ NEPTUNE “WALANGOLO” (feat. Mr Eazi & Konshens)

Following the release of his celebrated sophomore album ‘Greatness 2.0’ last year, DJ Neptune isn’t losing any steam as he taps Afropop star MR Eazi and Konshens for a glistening new single. The production draws from a mix of Dancehall and Afropop influences and is elaborately furnished with boisterous drums and punchy keys. Mr Eazi and Konshens gracefully surf the sunny bounce of the production, spurting playful lyrics and overall, creating a breezy summer anthem. 

YEMI ALADE — “My Man” (feat. Kranium)

“My Man” is a classic Afropop romantic ballad. It exudes the quintessential sunny feel of East African Pop paired with the distinct percussive rhythm of West African Pop. For just under four minutes, Nigerian Afropop powerhouse Yemi Alade and Jamaica’s Kranium thrill with a deeply engaging duet. The song is concertedly light and the duo breezily skate over the production, singing about a yearning for love and romance.

SIRBASTIEN — “Angel Eyes”

In recent times, very rarely does a song’s title capture and portend the essence of a song with a holistic flourish, SirBastien’s “Angel Eyes” however, is an outlier to this tradition. True to its name, the song evokes poignant psychedelic and ethereal emotions. Rallying an extensive gamut of sonic elements — indie guitar melodies, shimmering keys, groovy percussion — he transposes the thrill of hearing a truly genre-cutting outre offering. Melding the entrancing psychedelic melodies of Indie with the sunny bounce of Afropop, he creates something truly unique. As he pierces the enrapturing production with his sultry vocals , he proves to be  a nightingale. With nimble gracefulness, he sings, offering lustrous adulation to his muse with the dexterity of a seasoned bard. He uses lyrics like “Angel eyes, wonderful disguise. I just might sit down and rewrite…”, to inspire the thrill of hearing a concerted piece of poetry.

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