Uzo Aduba is apprehensive, but brave in the new season of “Orange Is The New Black”

Out on the 27th or July

Life is even more challenging for the inmates at the Litchfield Penitentiary in the recently released ominous trailer for the latest season of Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black. To recap, the final episode of season five saw ten of the prison’s inmates, including Alex and Piper, hiding in Frieda’s bunker that had just been broken into by the officers, while the rest of the inmates were being transported to new prisons. The teaser trailer, which dropped early last month showed us the extent of the damage;

The teaser continued with a new opening credits scene released via Netflix. It showed snippets of a max security facility, introducing us to the inmates’ new home. On the newly released trailer however, we get a sense of Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) being escorted to a new cell by the guard as she screams “This isn’t home — this is not home!” to show how deeply the move threatens the relationships formed at their previous facility. The same sentiment is shared by another inmate from the former facility who complains about her new roommate and the how irksome the new rules are.

Asides getting used to the new living situation, the women apparently have questions to answer for the disruptive riot. The officials offer plea deals in an attempt to get the women to give someone up. Most of the women aren’t budging, as you’d expect, but the threats keep coming from outside and within the max facility. The hours in interrogation rooms, when combined with attempting to navigate life within the confined walls of the new facility leaves the women restless and scared. But in all the chaos, Red reminds us that her girls are “strong” and steadfast. Let’s hope she’s right. The new season will be released on the 27th of July.

Watch the Season 6 trailer for “Orange Is The New Black” here:

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Netflix

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