Jameson celebrates Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day with a special edition pack

the freedom to be you

In partnership with Jameson NG

1st of October – This year, Nigeria celebrated her 61st Independence Day from colonial rule. While this year’s Independence Day passed by quietly, with many young Nigerians still reeling from the events of last October, alcohol brand Jameson spent the day bringing together many people from different tribes and places, for their annual Jameson Connects Independence Day event.

This year, the new generation of Afropop artists changing the game led the charge on the day of the event to incredible fanfare. Notable names such as Ayra Starr, BOJ, Ajebutter, Odunsi The Engine, Buju, Aye & DJ Camron graced the stage at Iddo Terminus in Lagos, Nigeria. The event was also attended by Jameson’s bearded brothers who make up a crucial part of the brand’s core.

As Jameson’s highly fashionable guests dined and celebrated with their favourite artists, they also enjoyed its smooth taste right from a new special Independence Day pack. Now entering its second year, this year’s Independence Day pack highlights elements that showcase and celebrate the freedom to be one’s authentic self. As a brand that prides itself on being a voice for the alternative, the special pack speaks volumes about Jameson’s longstanding future in the culture which can now be looked forward to every year through these packs.

This year, the newly unveiled Jameson design draws on the brand’s core identity which is rooted in a strong sense of community. Drawing inspiration from the diverse group of individuals who find freedom in being themselves and stay unchanged by the environment around them, the new pack adapts visual expressions from young Nigerians truly living freely despite all the odds.

Taking a strong departure from last year’s case which celebrated Nigeria’s cultural heritage, this year’s case casts its focus on freedom of expression and the importance of taking moments for pause and enjoyment in today’s hyperactive society. The pack is adorned with beautiful illustrations that speak to the many pleasures of young Nigerians including; music, love, community, fashion, and more. The images depict young people in happy settings enjoying music and good company while donning a mix of contemporary and traditional clothes that reveal their Nigerian pride and optimism for a better future. Some of the pack’s main highlights include:

Shuku Shuku Periwinkle

Meji.Meji’s founder and creative director, Tolu Coye’s Shuku Shuku Periwinkle, has a shining spot in this new case design. The young designer’s signature hairstyle is translated into the case as we see an image of a young woman donning the style while taking a selfie at a fashionable party.


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Drums and instruments

Also depicted in the image are instruments and drums, strategically placed to show the importance of music to this young generation. Currently, the new vanguard of Afropop hitmakers are soaring higher than ever before and music and live show experiences have become more important in connecting us and our community than ever before. Jameson as a brand has positioned itself at the forefront of the alternative movement and these image depictions of live music further serve to buttress this company value.


Fashion is one of the most visible modes of personal expression. In the new case design, Jameson represents the importance of fashion to young people in Nigeria by depicting sartorial choices that speak to their Nigerian heritage. Donning vibrant fabric in green, the clothes adorned are representative of the stylish pieces worn by members of Jameson’s community.


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Fans can always count on Jameson for reliable smooth taste, however, the new pack which featured on the social media pages of Lagos’ alté scene now adds an extra incentive for new customers to buy the bottles. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to get the limited-edition package as you’d also be paying for the artwork which celebrates and champions freedom in a year of seismic change all around us.

Jameson is a triple distilled Irish Whiskey; distilled, matured and bottled in Ireland. Jameson should be enjoyed responsibly by people over 18.

Featured image credits/Jameson Nigeria