Thirsty Worldwide set to hold debut Thirstynalia event this December

save the date y'all, it's thirsty szn

The end of the year is here,  and in a sense, it’s like summer 2.0 in this part of the world, with many events and occasions happening simultaneously around the country. Amonsgt the slew of line-up events comes a recently announced rage-fest by Thirsty Worldwide,  a music promotion and urban culture brand, set to host the maiden edition of ‘ThirstyNalia’

Here’s what the team had to say on their official website about the event:

THIRSTYNALIA is a fest for the Celebration of the THIRST. On this day the THIRST would be exhibited in several forms of Art. We invite those who are thirsty & those who aren’t to come witness and experience the THIRST’s celebration. Positive Energy at its maximum is needed.

Lined up with performances from Kida Kudz , Remy BagginsWavythecreator , this year’s edition is their first,  and like all first times, it promises to be memorable. The event is set to go down on the 15th of December. Get your tickets here, and while at it, join the conversation on twitter with #Thirstynalia so you don’t miss out on further information.

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