Street-hop smash, “Shepeteri” by Idowest and Slimcase gets a befitting video

Describing the mundane small-talk on dancefloors

The unfiltered honesty in street music has always found its audience, but lately, they’ve gotten agonisingly good. So good that the audience is growing exponentially mainstream. The latest hit on the street threatening to cross into the mainstream is Idowest’s “Shepeteri” featuring Slimcase.

Clubbing and talent work together to create “Shepeteri” as both artists describe the eye-glazing mundane dancefloor small-talk. Over the ambient house beat produced with tumbling drums, and synth percussion, they employ blunt lines that are meant to be charming, “Je Kin Fofofo/ Omode Yi Jojo(Let me hit, Girl please).” Basically, the sort of things you’ll probably find yourself uttering a few drinks deep in a darkened room,¬†attempting to quickly end a conversation with hopes of getting lucky.

You can watch the video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DMW HQ

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