Watch PatricKxxLee’s monochrome video for “Achoo” featuring Willy Cardiac

Offering some interesting commentary on PatricKxxLee's psyche

PatricKxxLee’s music paints him in two extremes; A self-loathing wreck and a narcissistic savage. He often balances both extreme personas on songs but for his latest release, “Achoo” featuring Willy Cardiac, he primarily operates in the latter, ditching somber introspection for a freewheeling song that celebrates his accomplished psyche.

The South African based artist just shared the music video for “Achoo”, his first release since parting ways with his former management, but that doesn’t seem to have affected the fanfare as the video already earned thousands of views within the first 24 hours after its release. The video is set in monochrome, standing at a sharp contrast to the elated mood of the song which PatricKxxLee produces mixing bass-heavy 808 drum machine riffs and catchy synth samples. Thematically, however, the video Motion Billy directs seems to offer some interesting commentary on PatricKxxLee’s mental health as we watch him being pushed on a wheelchair by an old lady till he’s later seen moshpit-ing with Willy Cardiac and his angst crew. Cuts showing drug dealing, deliverance sessions with a spiritual leader and a girl dancing are also featured in the 3-minute long video. But while it might all fit to form a narrative about how he deals with depression, each clip is aesthetically satisfying.

Watch the music video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/PatricKxxLee
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