Burna Boy Joins Sam Smith on the wistful “My Oasis”

Burna Boy is showing off his versatility with this one.

Pairing up with Lily Allen, Stormzy, Four of Diamonds, JHus, Dave, Ed Sheeran, Burna Boy is very familiar with UK musicians, so whilst we never would have expected this latest collaboration, we aren’t all that surprised that Burna Boy has now lent his vocals to of the the UK’s most magnanimous voices, Sam Smith.


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An effusive pop number, “My Oasis” begins with the melancholy strokes that permeate the track through its sad, longing lyrics. An R&B backing track, complimented by brief stints of Latin strings, follows Sam Smith throughout their opening verse up into their quintessentially pop crescendo, which culminates in a lamenting chant of the song title “my oasis”, followed by a plaintive confession from Sam Smith that “there’s nothing I can do when it comes to you”.

Burna Boy enters on the song’s second verse; way off base for the afro-fusion artist, Burna Boy’s performance on “My Oasis” flaunts his versatility. Going through the same motions as Sam Smith, Burna Boy is similarly (albeit unrealistically) dedicated to a lover who is, by the sounds of it, indifferent to him and his love. Hopping back onto the track after Sam Smith’s chorus, Burna Boy signs us out with some nostalgic musings over the outro, leaving listeners longing for more.

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