Songs Of The Day: New Music From Sirbastien, Kwesi Arthur, Bobby Blane & More

New releases to kick off the week

2022 is no longer a new year, and Afropop knows that very well. As much as the previous year was packed with scene-defining achievements, especially within the context of global growth, the only way to keep the momentum from falling off is for artists to keep reaching into their bag for great music that holds the ears and captures the hearts of millions of listeners across the continent and well beyond. That’s exactly what’s been happening, so much so that there’s hundreds of new singles, at-least one new must-hear album and a new smash hit every week.

Amidst this torrent of new music, the NATIVE is committed to highlighting the best releases you need to hear, and possibly add to your playlists. That’s the essence of our ‘Songs of the Day’ column. On Friday, we highlighted new drops from BNXN, Zinoleesky, Deela, Jaylon, Chrystel, Ria Boss and more. Today’s curations includes releases from BOJ, Kwesi Arthur, Bobby Blane and more.Tap in


“Owo Ni Koko” is one of the gleaming standouts off BOJ’s latest full-length projectGbagada Express.’ Over the sunny Afropop production helmed by Fireboy’s sultry vocals, the duo trade bars singing on the pertinence of money. Fireboy is particularly reflective and sings on his journey to success and how far he’s come. “I Dey hustle nonstop, whether na street or na house, I don’t care anywhere na my workshop, I must put my mama in a droptop”, while BOJ intersperses the bouncy record with his defining breezy vocals, dishing out light playful lyrics in classic Afropop fashion. The levity BOJ brings to the track offers reprieve from Fireboy’s solemn crooning and functions to establish dazzlingly delectable sonic contrast.


“Toxic” is a dazzlingly brilliant soulful Afropop ballad furnished with melodic guitar riffs, ethereal violin melodies, bass grooves and bouncy percussion. The record finds the duo trading bars aimed at their muse, singing about not being able to meet her emotional needs, urging her to move on and berating themselves as toxic. “Me I know I’m toxic, poison, you don’t need my loving” they sing over the hook. “Toxic” is one of the standouts from Kwesi Arthur’s just released album Son Of Jacob’.


On this glistening record, SirBastien taps rapper SGaWD for an ethereal dreamy Afropop ballad. Over the silky production, SirBastien charges his muse to show more defiance in the pursuit of their love and sings on the cyclical nature of love. SGaWD follows with an explosive braggadocious verse that’s the unequivocal highlight of the song. 


“Oro Aje” is a hypnotic inspirational Afropop record that sees Oritse Femi and Portable unite. This song represents Oritse Femi’s first foray into the music scene after a brief hiatus. He delivers a poignant verse about life, hustling and status, before Portable follows with his characteristic brassy vocals, also singing along the same themes. 


“For Here”is a breezy Afropop record upholstered by theatrical keys that sees Terri surf the beat with playful lyrics about his enchantment with his muse. On the track, Terri hardly stays on theme, he scoots between random themes that many times border on being nonsensical, but the song’s allure is not its lyrical shrewdness but its sunny production and Terri’s sleek flows. 


“Looney” is a groovy salacious Afropop record tinged with North-Indian melodies, that sees Bobby Blane ride the undulating wave of poignant melodies, singing about his raging desire for his muse. Roping soft hums, impassioned adlibs and concerted lyrics, he renders an exquisite salacious ballad. 

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