Listen to “a – herbman2” by Boyewa

Dedicated to the dealer

It’s almost impossible to go for a music concert without catching a whiff of weed smoke in the air. Everyone has different taste in music, but we can all agree that smoking herbs and listening to music is up there with bread and butter, on the list of greatest combinations ever. And though the psychedelic drug is still illegal in most parts of the world, that hasn’t stopped it from inspiring billboard hits like D.R.A.M’s “Broccoli” and more recently, Boyewa’s latest single, “a – herbman2”.

Over a mid-tempo beat he produces himself with traditional African drum samples that listen like the beating of a gong or a pot, Boyewa performs a slurry set, dedicated to his dealer. Though most songs about drug consumption use flowery prose, metaphors, and symbolism to get their point across, Boyewa continues to defy the norm on “a – herbman2”, singing off a lyrics book so direct, they bother on the mundane. His lyrics carry an urgency as he sings, “African Herbman, Widen Your Arms, Just Concentrate Cause Heaven is Hard”, but the warning fades away with his slurred vocals and the mellow vibe of his reggae melody.

You can stream “a – herbman2” below.

Featured Image Credit: SoundCloud/Boyewa
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