Hear “Massive Poverty”, BlackGold’s social awareness anthem

Featuring Sound Sultan and Vector

As we inch ever closer towards the election year in Nigeria, BlackGold’s new single “Massive Poverty” single, attempts to create social awareness for some major issues to keep in mind at the polls. On this track, BlackGold rumbles about poverty and how the leaders have fallen short of the nation’s expectations. Sound Sultan and Vector who are no strangers to insightful music, also join BlackGold to address their grievances with the current state of things in Nigeria.


But BlackGold doesn’t get too hung up on blaming the government. The rapper also points a mirror at listeners, asking them to look inwards, an important caveat of individual social responsibility often omitted when the state of Nigeria is discussed in derision. Singing, “Who You Don Help Today?” he asks if we’ve done our part with giving back to the people in the community while Sound Sultan echoes a similar sentiment on his verse, wondering how we can ignore the world falling apart around us, “People Prefer To Ma Jo Ma Yo, Right In The Middle Of A Tornado”. Vector’s verse, however, tackles the issue of unfair wage practices in Nigeria, and how those in power often take advantage of workers and the poor job market in the country.

“Massive Poverty” is aimed at people who take advantage of the suffering in the society for their selfish agendas.

Listen below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/blackgoldintown

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