DJ Tiz taps Minz and David Meli for new single, “Plenty”

Afropop that should go mainstream

DJ Tiz’s latest single, “Plenty” featuring David Meli and Minz is just the song for all of us who want to loosen up and forget there are still a few days before the month ends and salaries come in.

If you’re ever in dire need for that pre-Sounds From The Other Side Wizkid but with fresh perspective, Minz and David Meli’s Plenty” is all the serving you need. The song literally opens with an ad-lib similar to Wizkid’s.

“Plenty” is poster track for the Nigerian music’s dancehall swing during the early 2010’s. David Meli and Minz sing about a sudden stream of funds that allow them to pop as many bottles as they want, catch flights to Malaysia whenever (for unclear reasons), pull as many women, stunt on “haters”. The amalgamation of pulsating beats and a compulsive rhythm makes the song stick though.

The sensual blend of electronics, vocals and rhythm is immediately engaging and relentless. Meli and Minz’ discography will show that they make pretty clean Afropop songs perfect for mainstream consumption, however forgettable.

Give  “Plenty” a listen.


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