Eugy and Kwesi Arthur team up for a new hustler’s anthem, “Pray In The Morning”

marrying their delicate inner-thoughts with materialistic swagger

Eugy’s eclecticism, switching between melodic Afropop and the more provocative lyricism of hip-hop has allowed his music achieve a galactic variety. From churning up Ghanaian high-life influenced dancehall songs to downbeat UK grime releases, he retains an enthusiastic poise that makes sense across genres. On his latest single, “Pray In The Morning” featuring Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur, he marries his delicate inner-thoughts with a materialistic swagger. But it’s his confessional rap verse, narrating his presumed ‘started from the bottom’ story in London, that turns “Pray In The Morning” into an inspirational hustlers anthem. Over the high-hat drum riffs and ambient synth harmonies Team Salut produces, Kwesi Arthur also contributes a few rap bars in his indigenous Ghanaian dialect while Eugy’s takes the hook, highlighting the desired result of hustling; “Balling, Balling, Count The Money Up, No Stalling”.

You can stream Eugy and Kwesi Arthur’s “Pray In The Morning” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/eugyofficial
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