See Teni’s new music video for “Power Rangers”

Turning emotional strife into delightful music

After going the street-pop route with her last single, “Sugar Mummy”, Teni the Entertainer’s new single, “Power Rangers”, is a return to her renowned folky sensibilities. Once you’ve gotten past the disappointment that the song doesn’t feature any choreographed fight sequence or Megazord transformation, you can finally appreciate the Headies next rated award winner’s ability to make delightful songs out of emotional strife.

“Power Rangers” address the frustration of being in a relationship with an unfaithful lover, but the lightweight beat JasSynths produces and Teni’s impassioned performance listens like the romantic songs that serve dancefloors audiences. Her lyrics, “Deola No Love You Like Me”, suggesting the sting of being cheated on hasn’t numbed her romantic feelings, highlights the popular saying that love is blind and the video Toka McBaror directs embellishes her lovey-dovey intentions through a fairytale-esque traditional wedding set.

You can watch the music video for Teni’s “Power Rangers” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Teni Entertainer
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