Efya celebrates women on her latest single, “Whoman woman”

A soulful bop that pays tributes to our mothers

Efya’s “Whoman woman”, sees the singer drawing attention to the hustle and triumphs of everyday women in the market.


Efya’s lyrics invites us to imagine what life without African women would be with an array of instances; “Like Garri without sugar/Like dodo without beans”. Over trumpet-led instrumentals that accentuate her soft vocals, she describes how women make life colorful. In her opinion, life would be bland and pointless; “Make man happy/Make man cry”. Efya supports this with scenes where she is seen learning and trading with women, holding hands and meditating with them.

See the video for Efya’s “Whoman Woman” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/efya_nokturnal

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