Poe and Tiwa savage set an example for consensual relationships in “Are You Down” video

Their collaboration shows just how good duets tend to be at representing relationship theme

Sex is a recurring message in a lot of pop music. Even when it’s not overtly represented, there is almost always a subliminal message about sex. This constant reference to sex and sexual activities in pop culture inevitably circles back to the issue of consent and rape culture. We have had some misguided efforts at highlighting the issue of consent recently, but Ladipoe and Tiwa Savage’s “Are You Down” seems a step in the right direction.


On “Are You Down”, LadiPoe’s lyrics bring an interesting spin to the message of asking for consent in a social situation. His lyrics, “Are you down?/ You need to show me are you down?” during a playful dialogue with the lady he is in conversation with carefully demonstrates how consent works. She asks if she can take his shirt off and even though he refuses, there’s no bitterness between them.

Tiwa Savage’s feature gives the single some extra context with lyrics showing how two people can have a consensual sexual relationship with mutual respect. Her collaboration with Poe on “Are You Down” shows how good duets tend to be at representing relationship themes.

The video directed by Tshisz Nelson is a colourful interpretation of the song’s lyrics. Poe meets a woman and he does not get weird with her. The video does not exactly tell a story, but it does not contradict the song’s message, which is important when communicating a message such as this one.

Watch video for “Are you down” here:

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