Watch 5 of the finest spoken word performances by Poetra Asantewa

Some fem-centric poetry for women's history month

Poetra Asantewa just released the accompanying short for her newest spoken word piece Coroner, a beautiful treatise on the fallibility of love. The music video, directed by David Asamoa and released on the 1st of March just in time for Women’s History Month celebrates womanhood with a woman only cast simultaneously fragile and strong, utterly unashamed to be. It really brings to life the poem and everything it tries to say. In honour of Coroner and Women’s History Month, here are four more of Asantewa’s most interesting spoken word videos.


Released in 2015 and with instrumentals by Nel Magnum, Suicide Sarah chronicles the decline of a self destructive woman who hurts herself by seeking out and staying in destructive relationships with broken men. It is half exhortation and half call out and all around excellence.

When a Soul Mate Becomes A Checkmate.

“They say poets are the only people who chase after pain, They sit at the edge of the city with their arms stretched out like beggars, asking for alms…’
Talk about an entrance.

Love Yourself

An anthem worthy of the best Button Poetry slam finalists, Asantewa breaks down all the ways women are forced into a tiny restricting box of what femininity should look like and plots a path to self love and content outside of it. Must listen.

The Lagos International Poetry Festival Medley

A crash course on everything Asantewa.

Happy Women’s History Month y’all.