Mayorkun and Davido are bringing back a sorely missed ‘R&B-singer-in-the-rain’ sexy on new single, “Bobo”

Sad lonely shots and Mayorkun's shirtless body sounds like a parody, but it's not as tacky as you think

After hinting his debut album is currently 80% done, Maryorkun has released a brand new single with Davido titled “Bobo”. Produced by Lush and KillerTunes, “Bobo” firmly places Mayorkun in his all too familiar romantic feels as the singer continues to provide more¬†emotional transparency and depth with his discography.

Over the sweeping percussion, synths and drums, Mayorkun highlights his emotional woes with a love interest who’s more about the money than misty feelings. Using clever metaphors, his layered falsetto and perhaps some real-life experience as inspiration, he gives an explicit reflection of the hurt from falling for someone out of your league. And with a guest verse from Davido, the story feels complete as the label boss takes us through the other side to Mayorkun’s heartbreaking story; It’s the sort of alley hoop that made the duo of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James so remarkable.

The detailed songwriting on “Bobo” affords Clarence Peters the convenience of turning towards subtlety and precision for the video’s direction, borrowing inspiration from familiar R&B music video tropes. “Bobo” opens with Mayorkun solemnly staring at Polaroid frames of a lover, in a brightly-lit bedroom that conveniently takes a minimalist red hue at the emotional chorus. Elsewhere Mayorkun bumps into his lover on a date with his future self, who clearly has the financial comfort current Mayorkun doesn’t. It’s a creative twist to the typical scene where the singer runs into a trifling lover cheating, only here the mirror is a picture of a potential to come. Cuts featuring Davido also carry a distinctly R&B touch that shows the OBO, forlorn and making his way through an oblivious crowd in slow-mo. And you can already bet Clarence Peters iced this cake with a rain scene.

Watch the video for Mayorkun’s “Bobo” featuring Davido below.

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