Hear Waje’s deadpan delivery on her take of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”

Another new cover of a song we have all heard one too many times

Words by Ehimenim Agweh

When Ed Sheeran released his hit song, “Shape of You”, he couldn’t have foretold the number of remakes and cover that would come out of it. From frisky musical.ly videos to a Terry Apala spin on the tune, Ed Sheeran has no doubt shaped playlists all over the world. In line with this global phenomenon, the latest spin on Sheeran’s Billboard-topping single come is by singer and songwriter Waje.


Waje who is known for her high hitting, deep chested style of singing gave the song a different treatment than it must be used to. Substituting a female for a male in her version, Waje gives an impassive performance. The song is devoid of highs and lows, just a mid-point which she sustains by not raising her voice beyond a certain level.

The cover is a speech given to a love interest just as Ed Sheeran did his but emotion seems to have taken a holiday and Waje is only telling it as it is, in tone and in word: ‘Look, I’m interested but don’t push it.’ It’s an excellent interpretation and different from the over flogged romance which seems to follow the song around. The cover was released as a video of her in the studio and an audio version was made available on SoundCloud.

Check them out below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Waje

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