Nova is torn by the ambivalence of an unrepentant lover on “Heartless”

No silver linings to this love story

If you grew up in the late 90’s – early 2000’s then your childhood/teenage years are defined by the explosion of Caribbean inspired music. We all know by heart that distinctive island inspired four count percussion that everyone from Shaggy to Kevin Lyttle used, and when singer Nova interpolates this iconic beat, subtly tweaking the base elements to infuse it a significant more pop influenced sound. Add a simple four chord piano progression and some tambourines, and you have the perfect tableau on which to lay out “Heartless”, a new take on some good old heart break.

We don’t often get to hear men sing about emotional distress, especially when it is the result of a straying lover, but Nova really leans into the misery, betrayal and confusion that exact situation could bring. He sees her duplicity, her unwillingness to commit to him and the relationship they’re supposed to be building together, and her infidelities, but the intensity of the emotions he feels for her keeps him trapped in their destructive relationship, somehow hoping that maybe she’ll change for him. But it is obvious to us, if not to him, that there’s no silver lining to their situation, no scenario in which they end up together.

It’s never gonna end well.

Listen to “Heartless” here.


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