Jazzz and Myme release “Owo”, a fresh cut from their ‘Made in Lagos’ tape

Featuring System

A few months after debuting with Practice, Jazzz has already started putting out new material from her follow up project with Myme, Made In Lagos Vol. 1. In September, she released “You” where she admits her love as well as her shortcomings for the confessional love number. But the latest release from the anticipated project, “Owo” is more lighthearted with the quiet mix of disco, funk, and R&B.


Jazzz’s delicate vocals are buoyed on Myme’s mellow but intricate instrumentation: restrained bass, horns, guitar riffs, synths, and even rave DJ horn samples. She builds off the swinging rhythm of the beat to write lyrics personifying the warmth of the satisfaction that comes with wealth; “Life Is Good/ And I Feel Good Tonight/ Everything Is Alright”.

While Jazzz playfully notches up a list of the thing money can do, “Money Makes Arguments End/ Money Makes Enemies Friends”, System is featured as a guest artist on “Owo”. The delightful Fuji vocals that linger in the background seem to be his contribution to the groovy piece but “Owo” makes you wonder what Pasuma’s fuji flow can do on a Sade track.

So far there’s no release date for the Made In Lagos tape, but you can stream “Owo”, the second pre-released single from it below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/whobejazzz

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