Idahossa is as grime as they come on “Captain Fantastic”

Grime for the mandem

Ghanaian rapper Idahossa (yeah the name sounds Nigerian, we know) has a very specific world view in his music and delivery that experience way beyond his years. In an industry full of self taught artists green at the ears and full of entitlement and inexperience, Idahossa stands out as worthy of the attention he wants to command and willing to do whatever needs be done to take it. His first single, “Declaration of God” referenced rap greats like Jay-Z and Nas, marking out his territory in the industry and alerting the old guard that a new one is stepping up. And on his new single “Captain Fantastic” produced by 404WAVE and Dicebolt, Idahossa is making good on that claim to the throne.

It is obvious this man puts a lot of thought into his work, starting from the album art that references vintage painted film posters and casts him as the protagonist in a one man film. The song itself rides on a frenzied grime instrumental, full of industrial bass sounds, glitzy synths and an urgency that makes you sit up and listen. Idahossa speeds up the tempo for the single, rapping the rapid fire delivery that has come to be associated with the British Grime scene. He is already aware that comparisons will be made, and directly addresses early. The rest of the song is one uninterrupted litany of who Idahossa is, why he is doing this and where he wants to go.

As far as manifestos go, this is pretty compelling.

Listen to “Captain Fantastic” here.


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