NATIVE Premiere: Soundz Wants To Have Your “Attention”

a clear expression of his R&B influences

In 2020, two years after his debut, Nigerian singer and songwriter Soundz rose from relative obscurity to instant ubiquity with a string of sweet-sounding releases which peeled back layers to his artistry. Since then, he has teamed up with the likes of YKB, Teni, D-Tac and more to create magical records such as “Morenike,” off the Ejoya Class of ‘21 album.


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Earlier this year, he released his debut solo EP ‘In The Rough,’ which garnered the attention of more listeners across the country, and showcased his charismatic presence. The 6-tracker featured records such as “Pressure” and “Attention,” which have been confident, boastful and fit to spark up any party. Since its release, the latter went viral on TikTok, racking up over 20 million views, 400,000 unique videos on TikTok and 400,000 Shazam searches.

“Attention” is a catchy track by every metric. The uptempo romantic record sees the artist speaking directly to his muse, letting her know the lengths which he’s willing to go for her. He opens the record chanting “Shopping ati baby girl lifestyle, Fendi go tire you baby/You know say me go love you tire,” over the euphonious production of the track. Arriving today, to further amplify the track, the singer has arrived with refreshing new video for the record. Directed by Pink, a fast-rising female video director, the video which was shot in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, sees the singer and his muse in a colourful and vibrant spot as he performs the record and assures her of his love for her.

Short but indeed sweet, Soundz’ newest record is a promising offering for the Afropop newcomer, who is doing his bit to ensure the long-lasting future of the sound. Ahead of the video’s official release, we spoke with Soundz about the success of the viral hit, the inspiration behind the record as well as the video and more.

His answers, which follow below, have been lightly edited for clarity.

NATIVE: What was the inspiration behind this record?

Soundz: I wanted to sing about how far I go could go to get the attention of someone I fancy and I believe I told a story to resonates with many listeners across the world.

What were you trying to portray with the video?

I was telling a story of a guy trying to prove himself worthy of his lady’s attention regardless of how heated things get.

Were you able to bring this to life? 

Yes, I was. With the help of the video director, Pink, I believe we created magic together and everyone else who worked on this video brought their A-game and everything worked out perfectly.

What were some of your major highlights while shooting the music video?

The set and casts help bring the story to life and then there was the fight scene, it was all a new and fun and different experience for me and I’m sure those memories will remain with me forever

What do you want listeners and viewers to take away from this track alongside the video?

Basically the message I was trying to pass is to go after whoever or whatever it is that you love regardless of the obstacles or challenges

Get an exclusive first look at the video for “Attention” here.

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