B4bonah celebrates his rise to fame on new single, “Indomie”

Backing up introspective song writing with relateable sentiments

Coming hot on the tail of his well accepted “Devil is a Liar”, B4bonah’s new single, “Indomie”, shows off the Ghanaian artist’s ability to make introspective records tailored to Afropop’s dancehall preferences.  “Indomie” has a bouncy drum pattern mixed with other percussion instrumentals produced by Zodiac, which listens like an hip-hop beat with the scratch effect, rattling riffs and vocal samples. Although B4bonah does give a brief rap performance, he sings for the most part of the 4-minute listening time, expressing how blessed he is to have made so much from his humble beginnings; “They Show Me Love/ Can You See Food on My Plate?”. While he celebrates the comfort of being an accomplished artist, he acknowledges the times when what he now has were mere wishes. With the popular meal for masses referenced in his “Indomie” track title, B4bonah knows how to back up introspective song writing with relateable sentiments.

You can stream B4bonah’s “Indomie” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/b4bonah
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