Midas the Jagaban returns with new single and shares details of forthcoming EP

Ahead of her Sophomore EP ‘Midas Touch Vol. 2: Return of the Mask’

If you’ve ever come across viral TikTok hit “Party with a Jagaban,” then Midas the Jagaban is not too far off your radar. The South Londoner arrived hot on the scene in the summer of 2020 with an air of enchanting mystery with their masked personality and unique taste for indigenous Afropop with underpinnings of Afroswing. From the debut EP, ‘Midas Touch EP’ to subsequent releases over the past few years, Midas has ushered in delectable sounds that blend Afropop sensibilities and global influences with catchy beats and playful lyricism.  

After a much-needed hiatus from the scene, Midas makes a resounding comeback with the first promotional single off the highly anticipated extended play, “More Vibes, More Money.” Combing through their expansive catalogue, it is clear that Midas is accustomed to putting together songs that feel right to blast in the summertime and the recently released single is no exception. The intoxicating drum pattern exudes a thrilling and exuberant sound that lives up to its unique style and boundary-pushing sound. From the title of the Diquenza-produced single, it is clear that they’re here for good vibes and Midas doesn’t disappoint. 

The song leads in with Midas’ upbeat vocals accompanied by light shakers and a high-tempo drum pattern, perfectly leading into the upbeat dance track. They emphasise through its course that they’re here for a good time and when the hook draws in we’re left with a head-bobbing tune as they repetitively croon “More Vibes, More Money.”  We rediscover Midas’ flare for genre-bending tunes with the inclusion of smooth piano chords and log drums at the second pre-hook and towards the end of the track. This shows that despite being away for a while, Midas’ ears are to the streets as they provide a unique contribution to the Afro-House sounds emanating from these parts. 

The song’s accompanying Yukki-directed video finds the masked artist in a tent, seeking healing from an unknown yet fascinating jewel. The supernatural powers of their source work in their favour after which Midas finds their way back to the camp to meet people awed by their arrival. It is a clear and simple yet expressive style of visualising their comeback to the music space. 

With “More Vibes, More Money”, Midas the Jagaban is signalling a new phase of her career as she looks ahead to the release of upcoming EP, Midas Touch Vol. 2: Return of the Mask,’ slated for release in November. Going by her latest single, this new era will certainly have you running it back to catch her sonic intricacies. Watch this space.

Listen to “More Vibes, More Money” here.

Featured Image Credits/The NATIVE