Gillian Baci’s “Nothing” echoes sentiments of a sinner who still gets to live in Love

All he has to offer is "Nothing"

Words of Fisayo Okare

If you don’t already know Gillian Baci from his two last releases “If You Break My Heart” and “Fool’s Gold”, you would want to check-out his latest heartbreak single,“Nothing”.

His upcoming 5 track EP, Journey To Heartbreak, is taking a more defined form with this new single. “Nothing” explores the emotions of a lover who is undeserving of his partner because he has “Nothing” to offer.

From the get-go, Baci’s lyrics are simmered in despair and as he ponders, “I wanna know why you love me so”. The emotion in his voice builds and peaks at each chorus. Thanks to Baci’s sentimental delivery, the imagery of despair rings loud in the single and it’s easy to imagine the expressions on his face as his voice soars where he chants, “They told me that my love was nothing”.

“Nothing” is the second single off the EP. Listen to it below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/gillianbaci

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