Osadee’s “Summer Fling” pulls off that rare feat of transporting a career nearer the gates of excellence

As a neophyte

The artist, Osadee has his work cut out for him, as far as separating himself from the conventions that are expected of neophyte artists, particularly making their name in the industry by making covers, refixes of hit songs and trying to turnover a feature from a high profile artist into a bonafide hit. He releases “Summer Fling” off his forthcoming EP –his debut.

“Summer Fling” proves his mettle without a label or co signs (yet). With a feature from Johdavincii, whose rhymes in the second verse is applaudable, Osadee croons, using the grittiness of his song writing to expand his sound beyond just an apt “Uber Everywhere” cover. And proves that his music can’t be reduced to just that. His wit lightens the oft sombre mood of the song, sampling a Drake interview from 2013 on Canada’s Q Radio,

“I make my music strictly for the purpose of driving at night time”.

It fits neatly to the beats, which begins on a piano baseline and synths with steady assists of mixing and mastering by Synx, the producer behind Bella’s Radio featuring Ycee.

The theme that runs through “Summer Fling” is evidently, love. I read in an interview two weeks back where Anika Noni Rose on her newly released romantic drama flick “Everything Everything” talks on the theme of love. She says

“how love can be live giving and life changing, but how love can also be suffocating. And how important it is for us to recognize where we are in that spectrum, and what are we doing [?], and is our love healthy [?], the love that we’re getting and the love that we’re giving.”

She couldn’t have articulated this better. And the artist himself knows this about love too. The storyline in “Summer Fling” is in perfect sync with that snippet of Anika’s comment. It’s a glaring omission when you listen beyond the harmonies and that machine-esque voice -you hear- that adds to the vibe of the music.

It’s clear that by the time Osadee releases that debut EP, his sound would have coalesced into something interesting. Of his music, he says: “its fun to play pretend sometimes, helps me practice empathy” and adds that he expresses himself through music too; so rather than wait for that interview when he pops, listening to his releases might be another alternative.

He does make music that makes you feel something. It’s definitive work.

Listen to it below.

Featured Image Credits: soundcloud/Osadee

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