Watch Juls’ video for “After Six”, featuring Tomi Agape and Santi

Actually, featuring Tomi Agape and her squad

We’ve always marveled at the paradoxical strength of Tomi Agape’s soft spoken vocals. Her eclectic blend of R&B and the more diffused and monetized variations of it (think Chris Brown) has carve out a place for her in Afropop’s more romantic niches.

Released earlier this year, “After Six” off  Juls’ Leap of Faith EP hinted at her singular deftness for making other featured artists seem forgettable. Her enchanting vocals and control over the piano led ballad produced to resemble the droning of synths with guitar licks and house drums push Juls trademark caribbean-tinged-Afropop to the margins of glossy electro-pop. And while you could argue that Santi only had the one verse and he was quite competent, Tomi Agape’s dominance showed her prominence and a promise of longevity. A prophecy now fulfilled in Juls’ recently released video for “After Six (Black Girl Magic)”.

Directed by Tshisz Nelson who also directed “Early”, the video for “After Six (Black Girl Magic)” finds DJ Juls playing DJ at a photoshoot for Tomi Agape and her squad. Shot in a dark and aging building where Juls holds up a lamp to see, Tomi Agape is shown performing in the company of the girls who pose and dance when Juls eventually finds the DJ turntable and spins some records.

The ‘pseudo-girls only’ theme of the video leaves Tomi Agape with the task of lip syncing to Santi’s vocals which she does without missing a beat. Given Nonso Amadi’s no show on “Early” and Tomi Agape’s undeniable edge on the track, Santi’s absence isn’t as shocking as it could have been.

Stream the video for Juls’ “After Six (Black Girl Magic)” featuring Tomi Agape and her squad.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DJ Juls

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