Premiere: DAP The Contract wants you to listen to his “Famous Last Words” in 7th CTIII drop

From DAP's ongoing CTIII series

‘Never gon’ break my mind, It don’t matter how hard they try’

DAP The Contract is back with the 7th installation from his ongoing CTIII series, with an upbeat piano-led single “Famous Last Words”. For this new track, DAP leans further into hip-hop and rap influences to produce a catchy song where he gets out his last words to everyone around him. ‘Never gon’ kill my vibe, never gon’ kill my high…till the day I die stay fly’ he raps, providing a confident set where he dispels anyone wishing to weigh him down, because he is determined to rise above anything thrown at him.

In the accompanying music video for “Famous Last Words”, which was directed and filmed by Akinkunle Akinkugbe, distorted images of DAP sitting at the tip of a moving boat come in and out of focus. We do not get to see who is driving the boat, but from where DAP sits, the boat moves along the murky waters showing he is in control now.

Stream “Famous Last Words” below.

Featured image credits/AkinkunleAkinkugbe

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