“Sneak” by DJ Java, Poe and Kiitan showcases Nigeria’s artistic diversity

Incorporating Hip-hop for the tropical take on the electronic based genre

Not to take anything away from the greats of the past, but this era of Nigerian music has been really exciting. The dizzying variety and richness of Nigerian music has led to the incursion of global sounds like EDM within the context of African music.


Released after “Lady”, DJ Java’s third single continues his Afro house intimacy with Kiitan and Poe as guest features. Affirming the increasingly diverse Nigerian music scene, “Sneak” is engineered for the dancefloor with electro/house harmonies rather than the typical highlife and pop influences. Yet, in spite of the ringing difference, the groovey effect is identical.

Kiitan’s looped vocals are so soft, they blend into the beat’s tropical ambience as Poe’s rap flow cuts through the haze without missing a step or bass drop. He performs a club friendly chorus and 2 verses with love themes as anchor for his pseudo-confused-romantic narrative; “Backup Rewind It/ Should I Anoint It Or Bind It?” Asides the undeniably harmonious take on the electronic genre, DJ Java strikes Afrohouse gold on “Sneak” by incorporating Poe, one of Hip-hop’s biggest acts.

Afrohouse’s incursion in mainstream Nigerian music gets a worthy earmark by DJ Java Kiitan and Poe. And you can stream it below.

featured Image Credits: Instagram/djjavaofficial

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