Tomi Agape puts her spin on the micro-song on “She (Sativa)”

Let's hear it for the bad girls

It seems the new trend artists are experimenting with is the ‘micro song’, halving the conventional three minute song and challenging themselves to find a rhythm and deliver a complex narrative in the time it takes for a traditional Fela song to draw out its opening notes. Wavy The Creator, Amaa Rae have both put out music recently that took this challenge and ran with it, creating surprisingly actualized songs and now Tomi Agape is taking the idea for a spin with “She (Sativa)”, a ditty about a free spirited woman who refuses to let any one tie her down.

I keep it simple with you baby, 

She don’t wanna play these games. 

There is a sense of deliberateness in the choice of instrumental for “She (Sativa)”, perhaps to conjure the confessional vibes of 90’s R&B, often created to played live in small, intimate spaces. While created electronically, “She (Sativa)”‘s instrumental is sparse, with drum machine loops and electronically altered bass guitar riffs interspersed to create a frame around which the singer could build their stories. And the girl Tomi Agape sings about is definitely worthy of a story or two; sure she she smokes some sativa (weed) but she isn’t no druggie. Sex positive and unwilling to shrink herself or her desires for anyone, Agape’s bad girls flits in and out of the lives of the men she encounters, irrevocably changing them  in the process. Her power is tangible, her freedom, a thing to be envied.

Let’s hear it for the bad girl.

Listen to “She (Sativa)” here.


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