Djinee doubles back with “Find You”

Djinee is back to getting you in your feels

After scoring an unapologetic hit with “Ego”, a powerful yet emotion laden single in 2004, Djinee faded into obscurity, returning only occasionally to reclaim his place with singles like “Lade” in 2008. His latest release, “Find You” is an oddly optimistic number to start the year with. As he revives his vocal cords for yet another romantic piece.

“Find You is a five minute long confessional of unconditional and timeless love over piano chords, guitar strums and soft drum beats. The soft, melodic tune will resonate with everyone who needs reassurance of their lovers commitment to them.  In line with the romantic theme, the beats take a slow, seductive turn at the start before picking up pace to relay the sense of urgency the artist feels trying to get his message across.

“Find You” might be intended for a lover but Djinee is the one who’s found his sound again. Listen below.

Featured Image credit: Instagram/Djinee

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