“Maradona+Wo” is only a freestyle, but Boogey does a lot more than fool around

If you're not a fake one, you should be fine

Boogey’s debut for 2018 is a freestyle over two hits from Afropop in 2017; Niniola’s “Maradona” and Olamide’s “Wo”. But rather than updating the pop themes on the originals, he upturns both club hits.

Riding the pop samples, first he comes for fake friends who only support your art when it’s profitable; “They only scream jam when you making bread”. Then he complains about those people who start to act brand new when they get a little lick of fame—even if their work didn’t exactly earn the acclaim.

Boogey’s rant revives the ‘fix up your life brouhaha’ as he brings up the ridiculous issue of artists picking sides against each other for some exposure; “Got a little buzz, now you giving advice”. He didn’t name any names but “Maradona+Wo” is sure to generate some buzz for his forthcoming album, Nouveau Niveau.

Listen to “Maradona+Wo” freestyle below.

Featured image credit: Instagram/boogeythat

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