6 videos you need to see this week

Sappy Mr Eazi, thrilled Mr Incredible and other videos from this week in pop culture

Wizkid – Manya Feat. Mut4y


With the big label backing at Wizkid’s disposal, he can’t seem to take a misstep. His international debut, SFTOS put him at the forefront of Afropop’s intrusion into mainstream global soundscape. And while his subsequent releases and features maintained his acclaim, his latest release, “Manya”, a joint collaboration with Legendury Beatz’s Mut4y didn’t have the same riveting effect on fans. His sample of VIP’s 2003 hit single, “Ahomka Womu” demanded more effort from fans who criticised Wizkid’s waterdown-dancehall. However, the recently released video elevates the single and reminds us that dancehall—no matter how watered-down—is still Wizkid’s forte ambience-wise. Shot at Fela’s Shrine where everyone—including cameos from Akon and YCee—gets into festive mood, dancing to the catchy baseline Masterkraft produces.

Mr Eazi – Pour Me Water Official Dance Video


“Pour Me Water” like all good Mr Eazi songs, is powerful in how it’s mellow enough to carry his pseudo-romantic sentiments while still wavy enough to secure a spot on dancehall playlists. In this case, he wants a love interest to stop playing and “Pour (Him) Water” to “Quench (His) Fever”. His unrequited love, however, doesn’t stop him from singing his banku music style backed by the mid-tempo beat produced by E-Kelly, with synths and percussion-based arrangements. The video continues “Pour Me Water”‘s repressed narrative as Mr Eazi shows up for a dance video, but only appears in two shots, sitting and looking morose while the girls dance.

Rotimi – Want More Feat. Kranium

The knock on Rotimi, the R&B singer and actor, is that he tends to ride the summer wave a little too hard. “Want More”, one of the standouts in his debut project, Jeep Music Vol 1., leans towards Caribbean harmonies but with Kranuim’s feature on the club inclined number, he is rescued from the self-appointed culture appropriation watchdogs. The video directed by Walu sets him in a club doing what everyone’s favourite rappers won’t shut up about in 2017—stealing someone’s girl. The video builds up to a dramatic ending and Rotimi nails every grin of satisfaction.

Mazi Chukz – Rotate

Maleek Berry’s “Kontrol” sits at the pinnacle of impactful songwriting in today’s dance inclined Afropop soundscape. The  instantly recognisable, euphoric, with a tight hook and a silky smooth blend of drums, synths and caribbean harmonies lit up Afropop’s horizons, leaving a legacy as the official Afropop summer-song of 2016. Maleek Berry produces Mazi Chukz’s “Rotate” with the same mellow baseline but while Mazi Chukz’s vocals are reminiscent of “Kontrol”, it doesn’t have quite the same edge. The recently released video also attempts to recreate the colourful and minimalist video for “Kontrol” but it’s unlikely that the lack of originality would do the single any favours.

Mugabe Still Won’t Retire


In a very anti-climactic presidential address, Mugabe refused to resign from office as widely expected in a national address on live television. Instead, he explained why he still needs more time in office after 3 decades. Even in spite of the massive demonstrations on Saturday and the military take over last week, he has made it clear he won’t go down without a fight. The Zanu-PF party renounced him on midday today but the 93-year-old president insists his faith should be decided as the December party conference. He’ll be under house arrest till then.

Incredibles 2 Teaser Trailer 

After 13 years of waiting, everyone’s favourite family of superheroes are back. Disney-Pixar just released the teaser trailer for the second part of “The Incredibles” and within the 52-second time frame showing just two scenes, the plot promises everything fans love about the original animated movie. Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to take care of baby Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is presumably out saving the world. Jack-Jack’s powers have finally manifested and while Bob is thrilled about it, the baby might be too dangerous for him to handle. Though the rest of the family are absent from the teaser, the video suggests “The Incredibles 2” would continue right from where the first part left off and so we expect to find the whole family in good health when it is eventually released next year.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Disney.Pixer

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