Audiomack partners with MTN Nigeria for special access bundles

“This relationship…enables us to further connect with the Nigerian music fans.” - Dave Macli, Audiomack CEO

Without a doubt, Audiomack is currently one of the most prominent streaming platforms in Nigeria, offering freemium services in a country still growing as a music streaming market. Now, reciprocating the increasing popularity, and looking to further its position as a leading name in the Nigerian (and African) streaming space, Audiomack has clearly committed to investing in the Afropop ecosystem, especially with last year’s opening of its first Africa-based office in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub and entertainment capital.

Having established its physical presence, it’s not unexpected that streaming services’ next move would be to further optimising its services in a bid to improve its listener experience and widen its user base. In a significant move, the streaming platform has now partnered with MTN Nigeria to unveil the Audiomack+MTN Data bundle, which offers MTN subscribers dedicated data bundles for unlimited access to Audiomack. This joint venture comes with two options for MTN subscribers, a weekly plan that offers 1.2GB + Free Audiomack at N270, and a monthly plan of 2.5GB + Free Audiomack at N550.


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In the statement announcing the partnership, CEO and Audiomack Co-Founder Dave Macli said: “At Audiomack, we recognise the importance of access to quality music, and this coupled with Nigeria’s vibrant music industry has influenced this partnership. This relationship not only allows us to create shared value for MTN subscribers by delivering the best musical experiences but also enables us to further connect with the Nigerian music fans.”

According to recent data, MTN is in pole position in Nigerian mobile subscription market share, with its 37% share edging out other competitors within the country. Considering how much of a hump (expensive) data prices are to the growth of streaming in Nigeria, Audiomack’s partnership with the most popular mobile network service company improves the streaming platform’s chances at a fast user growth rate. “High data costs are one of the barriers to music streaming and we are glad to be partnering with Africa’s leading telecommunications company to provide Audiomack+ Data bundle”, Charlotte Bwana, manager of business development and media partnership for Audiomack Africa, said in the announcement statement.

Audiomack+MTN data bundle isn’t a novel implementation—Tidal announced a similar partnership with MTN Nigeria last September—but it’s a loud reinforcement of the streaming company’s commitment to, beyond growing its business, meaningfully contribute to the local structure of Nigerian music.

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