Hear Wavy The Creator at her most vulnerable on new single, “Stay”

Bearing her insecurities with a sassy shin

Last year, Wavy The Creator made her debut with “H.I.G.H”, launching what is currently projected to be a deliciously creative artistry. Riding off the success of her debut feel-good single, she has scored a number of guest features and appeared on a handful of concert stages for brief but remarkable sets. Perhaps at the risk of overexposure for brand and style but not enough for her own actual work, the singer is kicking off 2018 with an emotive new single, “Stay”.


“Stay” is essentially a mood-setting EDM-based single bearing the same prevalent style of vocal-layering that can be heard across Wavy’s brief catalogue.  Wavy knows how to build melody,  you can tell this from how “Stay” unfolds its layers like an origami, with intimacy and enigma at its core, thanks to backing vocals from Tay Iwar. There is an honest hue to Wavy’s swagger as she sings “Now I’m All Alone” over a blend of lo-fi synth keys, prickly guitars and chillwave samples. She bares her insecurities with a sassy shin, asking a love interest “You Say You Love Me, So Why Are You Not Here?”. 

Over 12 months, Wavy the Creator has balanced music, art direction and an impressive stage presence, a steady stream of material releases is all that’s left to turn Wavy the Creator into Wavy the Superstar.

You can listen to “Stay” below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/wavythecreator

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