Tay Iwar’s “Call U” Is The Perfect Way To Start And End Your Day

Don't sleep on this

Alarms are pesky little things. They signal the end to everything good and for some, the start to a long day ahead, away from the warmth and comfort of their beds. Even with the upgrades of customizing alarm tones to specific tastes, they still get torturous eventually. The solution to all our morning problems might be hidden in Tay Iwar’s latest release, “Call U” uploaded on Fridaycruise’s Soundcloud account.

While we wait for the Bantu collective artist to release his first single of the year, “Call U”  comes as the same lowkey release format thatOdunsi’s “Lose You” as a stand alone single untied to any upcoming project. “Call U” is an Afro-Soul number with pianos that build into somber ambient harmonies. He strings together 5 phrases over the short length of the single, causing it to listen like a demo or perhaps a ring tone?  Call, Sleep and morning are the most repeated words but his melodies hint towards something you want to listen on repeat till you sleep.

That being said, the yearning emotions in Tay’s lyrics and vocals ensures that his narrative of being wary of heartbreaks isn’t lost even if the song ends up serving as a ringtone or the best jolt from slumber.

Listen to Tay Iwar’s “Call U” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/tayiwar

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