A 1-Listen Review Of Ajebo Hustlers’ New EP ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’

shuffling between topics such as ambition, longing, romance & more

Ajebo Hustlers are one of Nigeria’s most impressive music duos. Consisting of rapper Knowledge and singer Piego, the group’s style is a refreshing blend of catchy Afro-pop melodies and observations about everyday living, both spiced with slang from their home city of Port Harcourt. “Barawo,” their 2020 single that was one of the tracks that underlined the youth-led #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, gave Ajebo Hustlers their first taste of mainstream success, while also securing them a guest verse from Davido on the remix of “Barawo.”

Ajebo Hustlers enjoyed further success with the Omah Lay-assisted “Pronto,” establishing their range to address both pressing societal/political concerns and the matter of intense lovemaking. They solidified their place with the 2021 debut album ‘Kpos Lifestyle, Vol. 1,’ which contained more of their arresting thoughts and tunes. Since then, Ajebo Hustlers haven’t slowed down; from “Loyalty” to “Caress” to the Fave-featuring “In Love,” they have serenaded fans with amazing music.

At the moment, Ajebo Hustlers’ new EP ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’ is out. Heralded with the Mayorkun-assisted “No Love (18 Plus),” I’d hope it reaches the high standards of ‘Kpos Lifestyle, Vol. 1.’ Now, it’s time to give it a listen.



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From this first sonic effect I hear, I can tell this one has a sombre tone to it. I’m right. Piego is setting the stage as he sings about his aspirations and his passion to achieve his goals. “You see dis music I dey sing/It is my only calling.” I felt that. Knowledge comes in next with the rap lines. “I wan cash out sotey na me go tap out/Drunk in success until I pass out.” Me too, Knowledge, me too. For a Niphkeys production (whose works with Zinoleesky are usually up-tempo songs), this is a chill song. But with a strong message.


One of Ajebo Hustlers’ previously released singles. The lyrics “E be you/I thought I was shy but/Since I fell in love/I dey talk die now” from Fave are very relatable; I understand that feeling of love for a person the loosening tongue.  As usual, Ajebo Hustlers do a good job on a track that still holds its charm seven months after its initial release.


I like the guitar strings playing; they have a nice feeling to them. Piego begins to sing about not being able to remain himself after an argument or fight with a loved one. “I don’t wanna love no more/I don’t want your kisses on my lips/ I don’t wanna love no more/ I don’t want my hands up on your hips,” he sings on the chorus. This seems to be a song about not wanting to love but it feels to me like it is a temporary desire. Knowledge’s verse basically swings to the side of not wanting to be with a disloyal partner. Okay, Piego’s verse post-chorus confirms that this is a song about the pain caused by a lover and avoiding love to escape the pain. A superb and relatable song.

 “NO LOVE (18 PLUS)” FT. Mayorkun 

Amapiano rhythms! “You know it’s a cold world/And no one gets no love,” Ajebo Hustlers sing. Piego sings about a woman who has journeyed the wrong path and has endured life’s harshness. This song definitely has sexual undertones but the way Piego sings his verse evokes sadness. You just feel that the woman Piego is singing about has held on to her negative beliefs due to familial/societal dysfunctions. Mayorkun’s verse is basically playboy stuff. Knowledge follows the same path as Mayorkun. Clemzy’s lively beat is a good cover for the strong emotions in Piego’s singing.


The sound of a car engine revving. The beat sounds like a cross between Amapiano and Gqom. “I’m incapable of love/I’ve been burnt so many times so it’s hard for me to give trust,” Piego sings. Okay, I think I’m getting the general message of this project: fuck love and focus on the money. Can you blame Ajebo Hustlers, though? It is what it is. Okay, Piego’s chorus has turned this song in a different direction. This is a sex song.


This is still one of my favourite Ajebo Hustlers songs. Amazing production. Amazing lyricism. What’s there to hate? In line with the thematic thread of the project, Ajebo Hustlers position themselves as afraid of vulnerability but songs like “In Love” and “Loyalty” prove that they are big fans of love. They, like Piego sings, just want a partner who “just wants my loyalty.”


These opening strings are giving Highlife vibes. Wow, that beat drop came in unexpectedly. This is an interesting mix of Highlife and Trap and Drill, I think. Piego, though. “See my barney dey cock block me” is hilarious. Knowledge’s verse proves that their lovers are right; they want to be irresponsible guys but the women are saying no. But really, music producer Orlandoh is the star of this track. He gave Ajebo Hustlers a new direction and they delivered!


This project has much strength. Like with ‘Kpos Lifestyle, Vol. 1,’ Ajebo Hustlers keeping the tracklist lean works for them; it means we are sure it’s their best efforts on display. That is not different here. The seven tracks on ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’ is a continuation of Ajebo Hustlers’ refined style of balancing the serious stuff with the ones that inspire fun.

‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’ shuffles from ambition to longing to romance to sexual daring. Like ‘Kpos Lifestyle, Vol. 1,’ it is a blueprint of their ideals and beliefs; they show parts of themselves: the things they love, want, dislike or are scared of. While I don’t feel it will cause a massive shift in their career, it is enough as a delicious meal for fans to munch and brood upon.

Stream ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’ below.

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