Ycee Leads His Team, Tinny Mafia, with “Komije”

A successful radio check

There are different ways to market your artists to the world. For record label, Tinny Entertainment is forming a little union of artists branded as Tinny Mafia. We’ve seen this happen before when Chocolate City constantly released music with their signees under the name Choc Bois with songs like “Oleku” and The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation album. Tinny Mafia is set to release new music every now and then, keeping each of them in the media rounds of trendy music and Talks. It can feel both powerful and sublime. It feels like a minor blessing to have Tinny entertainment do this with “Komije”.

Tinny Mafia, all don’t appear in their first music release however. Instead, Ycee dictates like a solo artist on this one. It appears that’s the point —to put one artist after another in the limelight under the umbrella name. And how best than to introduce it with the label’s lead act, Ycee.

“Komije”, isn’t much of an experimental track. It has an arch bump to it that recalls some of Ycees previous songs. His words as always, slurs and rhymes artfully and wittily with a series of flavorful and suggestive innuendos. But in the middle of all of this, is Adey’s bottom-heavy drums and synthesizers hitting body moving frequencies amidst that slurred sing-speak of Ycee’s. He is the same beat maker of Ycee’s “Juice”, and here they serve a successful radio check too.

Bump Tinny Mafia’s “Komije” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/iam_ycee

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